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1. How many medals will my display hold?

This depends on your presentation goals and personal aesthetic. Do you want to look like a medal hoarding champion? Do certain medals require more prominence? Given that our mount displays are quite sturdy, weight has generally not been an issue assuming they're properly mounted. Your only other limit is space.

Here is our recommendation:

Product Size (Width ) Recommended number of medals
35 cm (13.78 in) 8 - 12 medals
45 cm (17..72 in) 12 - 20 medals
60 cm (23.62 in) 20 - 30 medals
75 cm (29.50 in) 30 - 40 medals

2. What is your return policy?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all non-custom displays. Yes! This really means that you can basically return it for any for any reason within 30 days of the receipt of purchase. If you're looking to return or exchange a display just email us: This makes sure you get in touch with someone asap, allowing us to assist and ensure prompt service. Refunds are issued the same way payments were issued, either via PayPal or credit card. We don't accept returns for custom displays however, if there's a problem or concern, please feel free to contact us. With that in mind, remember that our top priority is your satisfaction.

3. How long does shipping take after I place my order?

A standard display labeled "in stock" are generally processed and shipped within 2 - 3 business days. Less frequently it can take up to 5 business days.

For custom displays, please allow for 3 extra days of processing. Shipping can take anywhere from 3 - 7 days, depending on distance and carrier. You'll be notified about shipping within 24 hours of shipment, if you haven't received a notification, don't hesitate to contact us:

4. Can my shipment be expedited?

If you require expedited shipping but it is not an available option during checkout, then just email Generally, the option is available during checkout, but is determined by your location.

5. How much does International Shipping?

We do ship internationally and we use UPS EXPRESS SAVER ( 2 -3 day ) for all shipments. The cost of and international shipment is based on the size and weight of the purchase. Fees for international shipping are computed according to your address during the checkout stage of your purchase. Processing times are the same for international shipping, but obviously shipping times vary on your location and country's customs. Please don't forget your country may charge duties and taxes on.

Some Shipping Cost Exemples:

* Single display 45 cm (17..72 in) shipments anywhere in the continental United States cost about $ 22

* Single display 45 cm (17..72 in) shipments anywhere in Brazil cost about $ 25

* Single display 60 cm (23.62 in) shipments anywhere in South Africa cost about $ 28

* Single display 75 cm (29.50 in) shipments anywhere in Thailand cost about $ 32

PLEASE NOTICE: Your address will appear on the shipment exactly as it is submitted to us, please double check this before submitting.

6. What items are included with my display?

The mounting kit and instructions are included with the display.

The standard mounting kit consists of:

  • 1. (2x) Stand off fixings
  • 2. (2x) Screws
  • 3. (2x) Drywall anchors.

For medal hangers 30" or larger, we include:

  • 1. (3x) Stand off fixings
  • 2. (3x) Screws
  • 3. (3x) Drywall anchors.

7. What tools do I need to complete installation?

A screw driver with the smallest standard head, which is identified as #1. We also recommend you use the included drywall anchors for which you will need to make an anchor hole. To see further instructions, click here. How To Install Your Medal Hanger

8. What do I do if my display scratches?

A medium-coarse scouring pad can be used for minor scratches. Make sure to buff the scratch in the direction of the grain. Rubbing against the grain will cause noticeable damage in proportion to the pressure and duration of the buffing, so buff with the grain. Major scratches however, need an industrial solution. We offer to fix major scratches for you free of charge, you just pay shipping and handling fees.

9. What if my display gets dirty?

Standard stainless steel cleaners work well. Paper towels can work better, as cotton can leave residues and pieces of cotton behind. Also, remember to spray your paper paper towel rather than the display to avoid leaving excess spray residues.

10. Can I customize a display?

You definitely can. We create oversized and unique displays as needed. This is how it works:

  • 1. Email explaining your vision.
  • 2. We take your vision and create the design of what it would look like, then we email it to you.
  • 3. You can accept the design or provide feedback. With your feedback we'll improve it and send it back. We continue this until you are satisfied.

We do not request deposit before beginning the custom design process, so you can approve the design before we get paid.

11. What do we mean by "In Stock" ?

"In Stock" simply means that we likely have the item in our warehouse already.

12. How do I return a shipment ?

  • 1. First, please email and notify us of your return.
  • 2. To make sure no damage is incurred in transit, please pack your display securely as it was shipped. Also, please include the provided packing slip.


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