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  • Tips on Choosing your Running Shoes

    Posted by Victory Hangers

    Choosing the right pair of athletic - running shoes can save you a lot of money, pain and discomfort during your training.

    The market is abounding in offers, but you really need to pay attention to several factors when choosing the most fitting and efficient pair of shoes. Let’s see a few guidelines which will help you with your choice:

    • Well-fitting heel- The heel...


  • Motivation for Greater Success

    Posted by Victory Hangers

    Achieving your Goals in Sports


    Motivation for Greater Success

    Motivation is the true foundation of any success, even more so when we talk about sports. If there is a lack of determination or genuine desire to actually improve your performance in sports, sooner or later you will realize that your physical efforts are basically meaningless. Motivation is the “push” factor which will help...


  • How To Workout In A Smart Way

    Posted by Victory Hangers


    People are often thinking that going to a gym and spend 2-3 hours per week, mainly doing the same exercises will change their body in a short while.

    Just imagine the routine: starting with 30 minutes on the trademill untill the body gets sweaty and exhausted and in the best case scenario lifting some weights for another 30 minutes.

    This is the regular training...


  • New Sports In Town!

    Posted by Victory Hangers


    There are several years to think of how the world of sports has changed. As often as they get bored, people, same like single kids, invent all types of new competition and body movements to keep involvement and activity at high levels.

    If you haven’t yet decided on the physical activity you would to perform, we have a list of...


  • 8 Curious Facts About Sports!

    Posted by Victory Hangers

    Sports have no secrets for us, or at least, that’s what we think with all these available information about everything. But, if you take a closer look, there are lot of interesting facts unknown or forgotten about sports.

    1. At the first modern Olympics, winners were awarded silver medals.


    source: Getty Images

    2. The Phillippines has competed in the most Summer Olympics (20) without winning a gold...




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