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  • Hydratation – in training and races

    Posted by Victory Hangers



    Yes, hydratation is essential for a healthy body and for a successful athlete, may he be professional or not!


    Hydration before training / race involves an intake of approximately 300 - 500 ml of liquids before effort.


    It is important for the moisturizing process to run 2-3 hours before and then repeat, half an hour before a more demanding and longer competition, for several...


  • Nutrition advice for triathlon

    Posted by Victory Hangers


    We have some concrete tips for you, if you are practising triathlon or considering to befriend this sport:


    • Keep a diary with everything you eat for 3-5 days, at least twice a year, to check your eating habits and adjust your diet.


    • Consumes carbohydrates before and after workout.


    • Eat 2-3 fruits and 4-6 vegetables to ensure your nutritional...


  • Tips & tricks for mountainbike

    Posted by Victory Hangers


    Cross-country, the most popular form of mountain biking and the standard for many cyclists, mainly involves moving from one point to another, and includes climbing and descending on a wide variety of surfaces.


    One of the important things is to stay relaxed, so you are more likely to make gentle moves to regain your balance. Even if "landing" is a slow one, use your entire...


  • Running in cold weather

    Posted by Victory Hangers


    It is ideal to run anytime, no matter the weather. Running in cold weather is a natural and healthy activity for the strengthening of your whole body. When the body constantly meets the effort, it adapts to the conditions it faces.

    In addition, running in winter is perfect if you are planning to compete in the spring season. You can not present yourself in optimal conditions...


  • What sport are you passionate about?

    Posted by Victory Hangers

     Maybe you’re not really into sports already, or maybe you think you’re not made for sports.

    You know what? We are all made for sports, but some of us just didn’t discover what their passion is.

    So, we have prepared for you five guiding questions, to help you find out where your love for sports lies.

    Work through each area of inquiry at your own pace, and you’ll come away...




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