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  • How To Workout In A Smart Way

    Posted by Victory Hangers

    How To Workout In A Smart Way


    People are often thinking that going to a gym and spend 2-3 hours per week, mainly doing the same exercises will change their body in a short while.

    Just imagine the routine: starting with 30 minutes on the trademill untill the body gets sweaty and exhausted and in the best case scenario lifting some...


  • Nutrition advice for triathlon

    Posted by Victory Hangers


    We have some concrete tips for you, if you are practising triathlon or considering to befriend this sport:


    • Keep a diary with everything you eat for 3-5 days, at least twice a year, to check your eating habits and adjust your diet.


    • Consumes carbohydrates before and after workout.


    • Eat 2-3 fruits and 4-6 vegetables to ensure your nutritional...