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Posted by Victory Hangers


It is ideal to run anytime, no matter the weather. Running in cold weather is a natural and healthy activity for the strengthening of your whole body. When the body constantly meets the effort, it adapts to the conditions it faces.

In addition, running in winter is perfect if you are planning to compete in the spring season. You can not present yourself in optimal conditions to a semi or a marathon in March, April or May, because now the training base is formed.

Susan S. Paul, an American physiologist who trained more than 2,000 runners, explains in an article published by Runner's World how to train in the winter to be in spring form.

The basic exercises, which create the foundation of the sporting form, are relatively light running, at a slow pace, where you can carry a conversation without panting. If you measure the pulse in running, in these races you should be somewhere at 60-70% of the maximum pulse.

 In addition, the body turns into a machine that burns fat, because low pulse runs burn a higher percentage of fat, unlike speed training, explains Susan Paul. Light run also improves aerobic training and increases glycogen stores needed for long distances.

It is essential to remember that winter builds the basis of the physical form that we will rely on throughout the year. In addition, cold and drifting alleys or roads increase the risk of injury, so a longer period of stretching is required. Do not forget to equip yourself from head to foot: even if the weather looks great from your window, it  can change quickly in the winter. And if the wind blows: seek to face it in the first part of the run, when you have more energy, and come back with it to the end.

If you go our on a run and you strike a distance of more than 15 kilometers, do not let it play the game: put a gel or a stick in a pocket, take your water or an isotonic drink and do not leave your phone at home in case something happens along the way and you need to contact your friends or family.


This beeing said, good luck with your training! :)

Victory Hangers Team